Choice of films: Love & Pride, German and Japanese film festivals

This year’s edition of this film calendar staple will feature online Q&A with seven filmmakers following screenings. A hybrid event, it will offer physical and online screenings.

Before his death from cancer in 2010, Japanese anime creator Satoshi Kon had created some of the genre’s most influential works, including the thriller Perfect Blue (1997), the drama Millennium Actress (2001), the comedy Tokyo Godfathers. (2003) and the psychological thriller. Paprika (2006). These films have marked filmmakers such as Christopher Nolan (whose 2010 thriller Inception contained several visual and conceptual similarities) and Darren Aronofsky, whose psychological dramas Black Swan (2010) and Requiem For A Dream (2000) owe a debt to Perfect. . Blue.

The documentary Satoshi Kon, Illusionist (PG13, 82 minutes, 2021, screened online on Kinolounge) features interviews with Aronofsky, as well as admirers, friends and colleagues in Japan, France and Hollywood.

Presented by the Japan Creative Center (JCC), the Embassy of Japan and the Japan Foundation, in collaboration with the Singapore Film Society (SFS).

Or: Shaw Theaters Lido, Oldham Theater and The Projector; Online screenings at Shaw KinoLounge
When: Until October 31 various
Admission: Shaw Lido Theaters – $ 13.50 ($ 11.50 for JCC, SFS and Isetan members); Shaw KinoLounge – $ 8 per movie, $ 25 for all four movies; Oldham Theater – $ 10 ($ 8 for JCC, SFS and Asian Film Archive members for the PIA Film Festival retrospective only); The Projector – $ 13.50 weekdays, $ 15 weekends ($ 2 discount for JCC, SFS and The Projector members)
Info: Japanese Film Festival website

Marie A. Evans