Immerse yourself in the ideas of the Japanese series Ultraman

Japanese anime or superhero series attract audiences these days. It’s people’s new obsession and one of those classics from the Japanese Ultraman series. The series is about 55 years old definitively with a mix of different genres like action, thrill, fun, humor and heart with a hundred episodes.

The series is broadcast massively all over the world. It launched a 5 issue miniseries, no less than any other famous comic book series. We can therefore indulge in the Ultra universe of the Ultraman series, but before that get familiar with some basics.

Know the basics of the Japanese series Ultraman

In 1966, the Tokyo broadcast system launched Ultra Q with one of the main members Eiji Tsuburaya-master behind the special effects of the Godzilla series. Ultra Q premiered on a small screen in a black-and-white porn movie with giant monsters.

Ultra Q was a quick hit, and the production called Eiji for a sequel. This time with new graphics and new adventures. So, a week later in the Ultra Q episodes, Ultraman’s debut was made on screen.
In the first episode, a scientific organization named SSSP, which investigates biological and alien threats, was seen. A newbie from Team Shin Hayata, crashed his plane onto the red celestial orb and the blue orb crashed into earth.

The entity in the red orb steps in to save Hayata’s life. It was Ultraman, an intergalactic warrior from the M78 nebula. Ultraman binds his life force to Hayata in order to save him, and Hayata can consume a beta capsule to transform into Ultraman. The 40ft tall warrior with special skills and powers.

More details on the Japanese series Ultraman

Ultraman’s enormous success led Tsuburaya Production to come up with Ultraseven in 1967 with a more refined version of the previous one. Ultraseven’s storyline was more mature in every way, and the fighting went more vigorously and intensely. In this, an alien takes on a human form unlike the previous series. Ultraseven’s revised ego Dan Moroboshi worked for the high security agency ultra guard

In 1971, the creators returned with The Return of Ultraman with their core Ultraman plotline linking up with a human named Ultraman Jack.

The original Ultraman and Ultraseven also appeared in the series.

Each series launched separate Ultras but exquisitely maintained the hierarchy of the Ultraman series.

Marie A. Evans