Japanese Film Festival 2022 lets you watch 20 Japanese movies for free. Here’s how.

The event, which will run from February 14 to 27, will feature thrillers, animation, documentaries and more.

Manila, Philippines – The Japanese Film Festival returns online for its 2022 edition to “serve as a window into Japanese culture, one cinematic experience at a time”.

From February 14 to 27, JFF Online 2022 features 20 impressive titles including coming-of-age thrillers, comedy, sci-fi, animation, classic and periodical movies, and documentaries.

“The 2022 Online Japanese Film Festival gives viewers the chance to experience and learn about Japanese customs and culture, as the films shown reflect our contemporary society and document people’s lives in certain periods. Films are indeed powerful vehicles for cultural exchange and bilateral relations,” Japan Foundation, Manila (JFM) Director Suzuki Ben said at the event’s press conference.

Full details about each film – title, release date, screening time, genre, cast members and synopsis – are posted on their Facebook page.

To check the schedule, check the full list of featured movies and watch movies, you can visit their website: https://jff.jpf.go.jp/watch/jffonline2022/philippines/. Viewers can watch the movies for free.

In addition to free online film screenings, the JFM has also prepared the program “Let’s talk about Japanese films!” online seminar. The two-part chat event is also free and will be available to attendees even outside the Philippines.

The first session,Your Guide to Japanese Movies“, is scheduled for February 14, 2 p.m. Distinguished panelists will discuss the unique styles and techniques used in Japanese films, the state of Japanese cinema in the Philippines, and more.

The second session, “Inside The World of JFF 2022 Films“, will feature five young film critics. It is scheduled for February 22, 5 p.m.

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Marie A. Evans