Japanese Film Festival Australia 2022, free online program to enjoy in February

JFF Logo.jpgAustralia’s JFF (Japanese Film Festival) is launching its marvelous offering of overlong genre endeavors and/or super indie dramas for free to punters in February! Recent and classic titles dot the online-only lineup, surely something for everyone here if you like subtitles, too bad if not! Even better, this festival will be available for streaming in over twenty-five countries! Check the website to see if you can tune in, and below for the breakdown of offers.

JFF 2022 – from February 14 to 27.

The 2022 Online Festival presented by The Japan Foundation, Sydney will screen 17 films for free, including feature films and documentaries.

Japanese Film Festival Director Yurika Sugie said: “JFF Online invites Australian audiences to celebrate the richness of Japanese cinema from the comfort of their own homes, with an eclectic virtual program crossing the international film festival’s top new winners. , old JFF favorites and cult hits.


Aristocrats_main JFF.jpgAristocrats | 2020 | Director: Yukiko Sode – A humanist drama that questions the state of contemporary life through the perspectives of two female protagonists (one of whom is played by Kiko Mizuhara) from different backgrounds.

AWAKE | 2020 | Director: Atsuhiro Yamada – Thrilling coming-of-age drama depicting the fateful battle between a professional shogi player and a shogi software developer.

bread of happiness | 2012 | Director: Yukiko Mishima – Moving drama about a wilderness cafe serving delicious breads and coffees to people with heartache.

Good flight | 2008 | Director: Shinobu Yaguchi – A choral aviation comedy exploring the response of ground crew, flight attendants and pilots during an emergency flight from Tokyo to Honolulu.

His love boils the bath water (JFF 2017) | 2016 | Director: Ryо̄ta Nakano – Featuring Japanese Oscar-winning performances, the film delves into the powerful bond between a determined and deeply loving mother and family.

It’s a summer movie | 2020 | Director: Sо̄shi Masumoto – Innovative coming-of-age masterpiece of a student obsessed with old samurai movies and sets out to create her own film project.

Ito | 2021 | Director: Satoko Yokohama – Moving drama about a shy peasant girl who chooses a part-time job at a maid café.

Masked room (JFF 2021) | 2020 | Director: Hisashi Kimura – Tense mystery set in the eerie confines of a hospital, where a chilling psychological battle unfolds that ultimately leads to a chain of surprising twists and turns.

Mio’s cookbook (JFF 2021) | 2020 | Director: Haruki Kadokawa – Invigorating period drama exploring friendship and the art of cooking about a young chef who dreams of reuniting with her best friend.

Land of Oz | 2018 | Director: Takafumi Hatano – Adventure drama exploring the journey of a new employee assigned to an amusement park and the amusing chronicles of her growing pains.

ReLIFE (JFF 2017) | 2017 | Director: Takeshi Furusawa – A special love story about a 27-year-old young man who gets the chance to relive his high school days and explore new destinies.

The leader of South Polar (JFF 2009) | 2009 | Director: Shuichi Okita – Classic Japanese comedy that follows the bittersweet and charming daily life of a group of men living in Antarctica, where their only pleasure is to eat.

The floating castle (JFF 2012) | 2012 | Director: Shinji Higuchi and Isshin Inud® – Captivating historical spectacle about samurai who defend their dignity during the period of the civil war in Japan.

EVE hour the movie (JFF 2010) | 2010 | Director: Yasuhiro Yoshiura – Moving exploration of the nature of emotions seen through the prism of interactions between humans and androids.

Until dawn | 2012 | Director: Yūichirо̄ Hirakawa – Spiritual drama starring award-winning Japanese actor Tо̄ri Matsuzaka (Blood of Wolves) in a tale about the inner conflicts of those who seek contact with the dead.


Main Sumodo JFF.jpgSumodo ~ Successors of the Samurai ~ (JFF 2021) | 2020 | Director: Eiji Sakata – A revealing and rare behind-the-scenes exploration of the lives of famous sumo wrestlers.

The God of Ramen (JFF 2013) | 2013 | Director: Takashi Innami – Tantalizing examination of the life of Kazuo Yamagishi, founder of a legendary ramen shop in Tokyo, who had an immense influence on the Japanese ramen industry.

Full program and broadcast details available at: www.japanesefilmfestival.net


WHEN: February 14 – February 27, 2022

WHERE: Online streaming in 25 countries, including Australia

TICKETS: FREE, registration required

Marie A. Evans