Japanese film festival in Egypt kicks off on Monday

The new edition of the Japanese Film Festival (JFF) will take place virtually from February 14 to 27, the festival’s organizing committee announced in a statement.

19 Japanese movies with Arabic subtitles will be screened online for free, and they include not only new releases but also classic feature films.

Every 48 hours, a new film will be available on the festival platform, and the public can watch the films anytime until 10 a.m. Cairo time.

“It’s a Summer Movie”, “Ito” and “Aristocrats” are considered the latest entrants released as they are 2021 productions.

Only one classic film was presented in the line of the festival which is “Rashomon” and it was produced in 1950.

In the same context, “Patema Inverted” and “Time of Eve the Movie” are the only animation features added to the lineup for this edition.

Last year, JFF in Cairo presented the largest number of Japanese films available to Egyptian audiences in the whole country.

The ten-day festival will feature 25 films ranging from feature films to documentaries to modern production animated films released between 2014 and 2020, as well as the former feature film “The Flavor of Green Tea on Rice” produced in 1952, were organized especially for the festival.

All of the films were produced between 2007 and 2020 except for one feature which dates back to 1952 which is “The Flavor of Green Tea on Rice”.

Organized by the Japan Foundation in Cairo, the films of the festival will be available for 24 hours on the festival platform. Arabic subtitles will also be available for all movies except “Tokyo Marble Chocolate”.

Egyptian audiences can watch “Tokyo Marble Chocolate” in English subtitles through the festival platform.

Marie A. Evans