Japanese series “He’s Expecting” hits Netflix globally in 2022

One of the most bizarre manga of recent years is being adapted by Netflix into a live-action series. Coming to Netflix in 2022 is he is waiting, a story that takes place in a world where men can also get pregnant. We’ll keep track of everything you need to know about he is waiting, including the plot, casting news, trailers, production updates, and most importantly, the Netflix release date.

he is waiting is an upcoming Japanese Netflix Original series based on the Hiyama Kentarou no Ninshin manga by author Sakai Eri. The series will be co-directed by Yuko Hakoda and Takeo Kikuchi. Netflix will produce the series, which will be produced by TV Tokyo and Aoi Pro.

Yuriko Mamiya (TV Tokyo), Yu Ota (TV Tokyo) and Tsutomu Hirabayashi (AOI Pro) are listed as producers of the series, with Shinichi Takahashi responsible for Netlfix content acquisition as director.

When is the he is waiting Netflix season 1 release date?

An exact release date has not been revealed by Netflix, but we can confirm that the series is slated for 2022.

What is the plot of he is waiting?

The synopsis for he is waiting was provided by Netflix:

The story takes place in a world where, in rare cases, men can conceive and give birth. Kentaro Hiyama, an elite publicist, suddenly finds out that he is pregnant. Her partner, Aki Seto, never thought she would become a parent, so the two are initially confused by this unexpected event. As a pregnant man, Kentaro will face the scrutiny of business and society, and shed light on the challenges faced by pregnant women. Challenged by many issues associated with modern pregnancy and childbirth, the two will have to face reality and make the ultimate decision – whether or not to have a baby.

Who are the actors of he is waiting?

As of this writing, only two cast members have been confirmed for He’s Expecting. The protagonists of the series are Saitoh Takumi and Ueno Juri.

Saitoh Takumi – Hiyama Kentarou

he expects the Japanese original series to hit netflix in 2022

Saitoh Takumi plays the main role of pregnant woman Hiyama Kentarou.

Takumi has been playing since 2001, where he landed the lead role in Toki no Kaori: Remember Me. Over the past twenty years he has starred in dozens of projects, with one of his biggest roles to date premiering this year when he takes on the role of Ultraman in Shin Ultraman, commemorating the 55th anniversary of the Ultra series.

Ueno Juri – Seto Aki

Japanese actress Ueno Juri plays the role of Seto Aki. Like his co-star, Juri has been playing since the 2000s and has starred in many roles, earning him much praise and popularity. Juri is well known for her lead role in the Japanese adaptation of The Good Doctor, which was also a big hit in America with their own adaptation of the popular South Korean series.

he expects the Japanese original series to hit netflix in 2022 Seto Aki

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