Japanese show Old Enough is now available on Netflix

Netflix continues to watch TV shows and stories from around the world and with many hits already coming from Japan, the streaming service is trying to find another hit. Netflix announced that it recently acquired a Japanese show titled Old enough! which debuted on the platform today. Unlike some other shows, however, this one is aimed at kids.

Old enough! is a reality-style unscripted series that has been one of the top shows in Japan for over 30 years. The premise of the show is to watch kids go on daily adventures, running errands for their parents, all on their own.

Each episode is 30 minutes long and focuses on a kid or a pair of siblings going on errands like going to the grocery store to pick up milk or picking up something from an auto repair shop. The children are recorded using a team of hidden cameras who stay nearby to watch and record how the children go on their first adventure on their own.

The children are likely younger than most American parents would feel comfortable sending their children alone – with ages varying between 2 and 4 Old enough! But they are not completely alone.

“In all cases, producers meticulously collect research from parents and parent organizations, and parents decide on the appropriate challenge for each child,” Vision TBI Explain. “When children take to the streets, it’s always under the watchful eye of hidden cameras and the show’s security team, who are dressed as joggers, passers-by or gardeners.”

Netflix has picked up 20 episodes of the series and it has been made available in over 190 territories and will be available in 32 languages. Netflix has rated the TV-G show and labeled it a “feel good” show, meaning it’s perfect for general audiences, including young children.

Old enough! is available to stream on netflix now.

Marie A. Evans