Le Sserafim fans accuse the Japanese show of sexism and harassment towards Sakura and Kazuha

A Japanese TV show host has sparked outrage in South Korea for allegedly subjecting Le Sserafim members Sakura and Kazuha to inappropriate questions during an interview.

Japanese artists, who have made their debut with K-pop girl group on May 2, appeared on the variety show “Zero Ichiin July to promote their first extended play (EP), “Fearless.”

The interview sparked controversy after it resurfaced on the Korean Platform Nate September 15.

One of the show’s hosts would have asked Sakura and Kazuha, “How much does it cost to stay in a luxury hotel for one night?”

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Confused by the question, the members replied that they didn’t know.

What sparked the online review was the host’s response and follow-up question: “You probably went with your boyfriend.” Why are you pretending not to know?

Commenters on the chat room didn’t particularly like how the host seemed to taunt the women for allegedly pretending not to know.

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There were those who lamented how female artists in Japan face similar treatment in local media, including underage idols.

Others felt that the host”s question line was sexist and curbs sexual harassment, with some pointing out that although the questions were meant to be a joke, they were done in bad taste, particularly due to the sensitivity of the topic of dating in the K-pop industry.

“In Korea, such an MC would have been flayed alive, never to be seen on television again,” wrote one commentator.

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On September 19, Le Sserafim officially announced their first release as a five-member group after the departure of former member Kim Ga-ram. The girl group second mini album “ANTIFRAGILE,” their first comeback since their debut with “FEARLESS,” is set to be released on October 17.

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