Netflix Reveals Main Art and Additional Cast for Upcoming Japanese Film ‘Love Like the Falling Petals’ – Philippine Canadian Inquirer

(Netflix picture)

Tokyo, Japan – Revealing the main art and additional cast, Netflix today gave another look at Love Like the Falling Petals – starring Kento Nakajima and Honoka Matsumoto directed by Yohihiro Fukagawa which will be available exclusively on Netflix on March 24.

The film is a love story that encapsulates the transience and beauty of cherry blossoms based on a bestselling novel of the same name in Japan by Shueisha’s Keisuke Uyama.

Kento Nakajima plays the photographer, Haruto Asakura. Honoka Matsumoto plays Misaki Ariake. After falling in love with his hairdresser Misaki, Haruto finds the courage to ask her out. In order to be a man worthy of Misaki, who works hard to achieve his goals, Haruto decides to strive once again to be a photographer, one of his long-abandoned dreams. However, Misaki contracts a rare disease that causes her to age several times faster than most people. Faced with the reality of not being able to pass the years at the same speed as their loved one, what will Haruto and Misaki decide to do?

Additional cast members have also been announced, including charismatic actors such as Kento Nagayama, Yuki Sakurai, Shuntaro Yanagi, Yumi Wakatsuki, Jun Kaname, Hidekazu Mashima, and Mitsuhiro Oikawa.

Marie A. Evans