Netflix viewers baffled by Japanese show ‘Old Enough’ which sends toddlers on solo errands

Old enough sees toddlers solo. (Netflix)

netflix viewers are struggling to understand a Japanese series that sends toddlers on solo errands and left people in tears with emotion.

Old enough is known as My first race in Japan and has long been a popular television fixture, airing two three-hour shows every year for the past 30 years on Nippon.

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It sees carefully selected children between the ages of two and six doing familiar errands like going to the shops or the market – but for the first time they will complete the journey alone.

Their parents watch from hidden places and a narrator jokes about their successes and failures, which have been cut to 10-15 minute episodes for Netflix in the UK.

One viewer tweeted: “There’s a show on Netflix from Japan that features sub-ten minute episodes of kids and toddlers running errands. The first episode is a two-year-old going alone at the store and buying stuff. It’s called Old Enough and I’m baffled.”

Someone else agreed: “I found the Old Enough series on Netflix and it’s the best rabbit hole. I don’t even know where I am anymore.”

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Another viewer added: “Absolutely obsessed with Old Enough on Netflix. Each 10-minute episode features a little Japanese kid tasked with a solo errand and I’m EXTREMELY INVESTED to find out if this 4-year-old can remember buy udon *and* sweet potato *and* octopus *and* prawns at the market.”

The Netflix logo (Credit: Netflix)

The long-running Japanese show was recently added to Netflix. (Netflix)

The unusual sight of small children alone was stressful for some people.

One viewer tweeted: “There’s a TV show on Netflix called Old Enough where little toddlers are sent on errands and it’s the CUTEST and most STRESSFUL thing I’ve ever seen.”

Someone else wrote: “It’s basically the cutest thing ever. But it’s also VERY STRETCH. Is there a word for it? Terrorous?”

Many people found it unexpectedly moving.

Someone commented: “Okay the best show on netflix is ​​a Japanese reality show called pretty old where toddlers run errands alone and you go with them and you go cry.”

Another viewer agreed: “When the 2 year old arrived at the watch shop, I cried. PRETTY OLD on @netflix is all. #HeroJourney

Someone else wrote: “If you’re feeling sad, I highly recommend watching Old Enough on Netflix. They’re like 15-minute episodes that follow Japanese babies running errands for the first time and it’s is lovely.”

Old Enough is currently streaming on Netflix.

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