New Netflix reboot of Japanese series emotionally crushes fans

Some series are coming to Netflix with great fanfare and are hugely successful – take Squid game, for example. However, other shows seem to be sneaking onto the platform just for fans to find out about, leading to word of mouth successes.

The latter seems to be the case for one of the latest shows on Netflix: Newspaper of the future. By joining the streaming platform’s offerings on December 14, hardly anyone was talking about it on social media. In fact, it could have been easily mistaken for an anime with a similar name, Diary of the future, which is also available on Netflix.

Now that the show’s first episode has been released, it looks like viewers are in love with the show, even if it breaks their hearts.

Newspaper of the future is a reboot of a show made 20 years ago in Japan that sees two strangers live a romantic story by following a “script” in a diary as they go on a whirlwind romantic adventure. The two on the show have never met before, but the point of the show is to see if they find true romance at the end.

We don’t want to spoil the first episode too much, but we can share that many users on Twitter were already asking for the next episode to be released. That, and just cry into a tissue box based on their reactions.

If you want to get out on the show’s first floor before it potentially goes more viral, Newspaper of the future is available to stream on Netflix now.

Marie A. Evans