Squid Game creator denies claiming Netflix copied Japanese movie: “I did it first”

Squid game Creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has denied claims that the hit Netflix series copied a 2014 Japanese film.

The Korean drama, in which people take part in a series of deadly games to pay off their debts, was a surprise international success for the streamer and is set to become their most-watched series of all time.

However, a number of social media users have pointed out the similarities between Squid game and As the gods will, the film by Takashi Miike which also includes the game Red Light, Green Light which appears in episode 1 of the Netflix series.

Speaking at a press conference, Hwang said that Squid game had been in development long before As the gods will came out of.

“It is true that [the first game is] similar, but after that there are no more similarities, ”he said. ” I worked on [Squid Game in] 2008 and 2009, and at the time, the first game [had already been] fixed as Red Light Green Light.

“It’s not really something that I want to do, claim ownership of this story,” Hwang added. “But if I had to say it, I’d say I did it first.”

Hwang also recently revealed that the idea of Squid game was rejected for 10 years because of its “weird” concept.

Netflix was forced this week to remove a series of phone numbers from scenes in the series after members of the public found themselves inundated with calls from viewers.

Squid game is available to watch on Netflix now.

Marie A. Evans