‘Takeshi’s Castle’, Japanese show that took contestants through crazy odds, relaunched for Prime Video

The iconic 80s Japanese game show “Takeshi’s Castle” is relaunching as a new series on Amazon Prime next year.

Tokyo Broadcasting System Television Inc. (TBS), which aired the show from 1986 to 1990,announcement On Wednesday, original host Takeshi Kitano will produce the revival series under the working title “Fukkatsu! Fun! Takeshi-jo” (“Rebirth! Turbulence! Takeshi’s Castle”).

The original game show, which went off the air in Japan in 1990, followed 100 contestants as they navigated hilarious and complex obstacles on their way to the final round.

Those who made it to the end then played a game of dodgem/water-gun against Takeshi and his henchmen while driving a small motorized cart. To win the weekly prize money, participants had to eliminate other players and ensure that a piece of paper in front of them remained dry and intact.

A representative for TBS promised that the show’s return would be “on a larger scale, which would not be possible on terrestrial television.”

The producers of the new “Takeshi’s Castle” would have teased even more outrageous events and entertainment accessible to a global audience.

The original series has also aired overseas, including the United States, Britain, South America, and Asia.

No other details about the new iteration have yet been revealed; however, it is expected to be available to stream on Amazon Prime from 2023.

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