The 5th Japanese Film Festival will be streamed online

The Japan Foundation, New Delhi, has announced that the fifth edition of the Japanese Film Festival (JFF) will be broadcast virtually in India due to an increase in Covid-19 cases.

The festival will focus on its diverse lineup of acclaimed, top-grossing and award-winning films in Japanese showbiz, such as Under the Open Sky, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and India.

Commenting on the announcement, Koji Sato, Managing Director of Japan Foundation New Delhi, said, “The popularity of Japanese content has increased markedly in the Indian landscape, which has been further fueled by an increase in online content consumption. in the current scenario. It was a tough decision to make, but by keeping fan safety as high as possible, the virtual platform will help us reach a wider audience. We are confident that the festival will be a success and will grow with the online platform and that our dear audience will be able to experience the same magic and energy as before.

The film catalog includes top titles such as It’s a Summer Film, Mio’s Cookbook, Masked Ward, Under the Open Sky, Awake, Aristocrats, Time of Eve, Ito, Patema Inverted, Sumodo – The Successors of Samurai, The God of Ramen , Rashomon , The Floating Castle, Happy Flight, Oz Land, Until Dawn, Her Love Boils the Bath Water, The Leader of South Polar, Bread of Happiness and ReLIFE. The theme that runs through the curation of the festival is “Travel” and 20 films have been carefully selected to represent several aspects of this theme. Titles are selected specifically to cater to all ages and tastes in categories including Animation, Drama, Romance, Thriller, Classic Comedy and Documentary.

Marie A. Evans