The Japanese series “My family” is coming soon to Disney+

Disney recently announced that a brand new Japanese series, “My Family”, will be released on Disney+ worldwide later this year.

Kazunari Ninomiya portrays Haruto Narusawa, the president of a video game company. He enjoys life in the affluent seaside town of Kamakura and lives with his wife and daughter who attend elementary school. However, tragedy befalls this happy family when their daughter is kidnapped. Haruto now faces many difficulties as he navigates through the intricate web of human nature that begins to show its ugliness. The only way to save his beloved daughter is to take matters into his own hands without the intervention of the police and, together with his wife, to oppose the kidnappers. Can this family’s story reach a happy ending? Or will it be a tragedy for them? This non-stop family suspense thriller tests the bonds of a family facing life’s worst nightmare.

My Family features a star-studded cast of Kento Kaku, Maryjun Takahashi, Matsumoto Koshiro X, Takeshi Tomizawa of comedy duo Sandwichman, Gaku Hamada, Hiroshi Tamaki, and more.

“My Family” is created by TBS, which previously created the Star Original series, “Tokyo SEA”, which was released internationally on Disney+.

The first episode was released this week on TBS and on Disney+ in Japan. No international release date has yet been announced.

Roger Palmier

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