This New Japanese TV Show Is Proof Japan Loves J Dilla

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J. Dilla

Photo credit: NHS (YouTube)

A Music culture hosted by Gen Hoshino Japanese channel NHK’s show talks about J Dilla in its inaugural episode.

Jay loved Japan. And Japan loves Jay. In the first episode of the new Japanese show titled Gen Hoshino’s musicjapanese singer Gen Hoshino talks about the legacy of J. Dilla (written in Japanese as J・ディラ). The episode is a great example of how Dilla’s influence has transcended culture, especially on her posthumous second album. Jay loves Japan released in 2007.

Here is the synopsis of the Dilla episode of Gen Hoshino’s music Featured on the NHK website. (We had to use Google to translate so it’s true that it’s a bit hard 🙂

A new music learning program focusing on a “history-changing” musician with “Kaisetsun” puppet who likes to explain music every time. The first theme is J. Dilla, a rhythm seeker. Focus on the music and the life of the legendary hip-hop producer!

The show’s YouTube page also explains more:

The first one [episode is about] J Dilla, [who] has produced many famous hip-hop-centric songs. Beats created using MPC and innovative sampling techniques have influenced musicians around the world, including Mr. Hoshino. It’s a spillover story about the town where J Dilla was born and raised.

You can watch part of the segment on YouTube. If you don’t speak Japanese, you can use an English subtitle option. More than 15 years after her death and Dilla’s legacy is still going strong. Dilla’s new biography, earlier this month, the author Dan Charnas speak with Okplayer on the innovations of the late producer.

“He doesn’t just have one technique. He had three main techniques and playing freehand was just one of them. The other two were decelerating elements to reveal an error,” Charnas said. “Every time you slow something down, the slower it is, the more timing variations you hear. Any errors are going to be elongated and he liked that. didn’t just turn off the clock. That’s why I wrote the book, that was the first thing to write the book. It’s as much calculation as feeling. There’s the love of Dilla and there is Dilla’s science, and the scientist is the hero of this story.

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