Watch Free Movies at This Year’s Japanese Film Festival in Malaysia

The highly anticipated Japanese Film Festival is back with a selection of 12 films at select Klang Valley Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) outlets (GSC Mid Valley, Nu Sentral and 1Utama) from September 8-14; Penang (GSC Gurney Plaza) September 15-18; Johor Baru (GSC Paradigm Mall JB) September 22-25; Kuching (GSC CityONE Megamall and The Spring Mall) and Kota Kinabalu (GSC Suria Sabah) October 6-9.

Held in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the 1982 Look East policy, this 18th edition of the annual celebration brings the best of Japanese cinema to local audiences.

It is organized by The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur.

Spanning a variety of genres – drama, romance, youth, documentary and animation – the films at this year’s film festival offer insight into Japanese culture through cinematic visuals, memorable characters and inspired storytelling.

A highlight here is the Malaysian release of Daigo Matsui Just in remembrance, a bittersweet love story told in reverse. In this film, we meet a former dancer turned theater lighting designer and taxi driver, who are no longer lovers. Like life, their story is filled with happy moments, loss and regret.

just remember won the audience award at the Tokyo International Film Festival last year.

“We have lined up such a variety of titles that you wouldn’t want to miss any! We have great storytelling here and believe audiences will be able to relate to the stories through the characters they see on screen. We may live in different countries, but we share common issues and feelings, which makes it all relevant,” says Kugai Kyoko, Deputy Director of the Japan Foundation, Department of Cultural Affairs, Kuala Lumpur.

The festival opens with Animated Supremacy!, an entertaining story about the people behind anime production. Anime supremacy! just released in May to great reviews.

Other highlights include The story of the fish, which is based on the autobiography of popular ichthyologist Sakana-kun, who tells you it’s okay to be different.

The history of fish will not open until September 1 in Japan, just a week before the Japanese Film Festival in Malaysia.

Also, Takeru Sato (of Rurouni Kenshin) and Hiroshi Abe (of The Garden of Evening Mists) play in a thriller In the wake, in the aftermath of the Tohoku earthquake,” she adds. Tickets for JFF 2022 cost RM9.50, excluding Just in remembrance, which will be sold at the prevailing box office price.

Tickets can be purchased one week before the first screening in each city.

All films shown will be in Japanese with English subtitles. A complete list of JFF film synopses, showtimes and general information can be found at and

Here’s a look at three of the films:

Anime supremacy!

Based on a novel of the same name written by Mizuki Tsujimura and illustrated by manga artist group Clamp, it’s the story of a rookie female director who faces fierce competition. The TV animation industry is brutal. Will hard work, a bit of luck and a dedicated team be enough for her to emerge triumphant?

‘Anime Supremacy!’ is an entertaining story about the people behind anime production.


It’s a robbery gone wrong when a teenager is killed in the street. Her father, not quite believing other people’s accounts of what happened that day, takes matters into his own hands. His daughter’s death must be avenged and he has a lot of rage to dish out.

In the wake

Nine years after the Tohoku earthquake, two gruesome murders occur in Miyagi Prefecture where the victims are tied up and left to starve. Detective Seiichiro assumes it’s the same man behind both murders and he goes after the prime suspect, Tone, who has just been released from prison after serving time for arson and assault while he was helping a friend.


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How to use your promotional code:

> The promo code must be used on the “Payment method” page.

> After choosing your method of payment (online banking, e-wallet or PayPal), tick the box “Do you have a promo code?” box below.

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Terms and conditions:

> The promo code allows its holder to exchange one cinema ticket per reservation for JFF 2022.

> Reimbursement begins one week before the first screening in each city: September 1 for Klang Valley, September 8 for Penang and September 15 for Johor Baru.

> Promo code is only valid for redemptions for JFF screenings in Klang Valley (September 8-14 at GSC Mid Valley, Nu Sentral and 1Utama), Penang (September 15-18 at GSC Gurney Plaza) and Johor Baru (September 22-25 at GSC Paradigm JB), excluding Just Remembering.

> The exchange is on a first come, first served basis (a total of 300 exchanges are available for Klang Valley, 200 for Penang and 100 for Johor Baru).

> The exchange for JFF 2022 is subject to the availability of places.

> The promotional code cannot be exchanged for money and cannot be combined with current promotions, vouchers or GSC privilege cards.

In crime drama In the crime drama “In The Wake”, the victims are tied up and left to starve.

Marie A. Evans